Former President Donald Trump eviscerated Biden’s border policies in another statement released from his Mar-a-Lago office. In his statement, Trump referred to the ever-growing border crisis as Biden’s “national disaster”. 

America has seen the rapid disintegration of our southern border due to Biden’s radical immigration agenda. Endless Executive Orders have encumbered border and ICE officials, and gag orders have prevented them from speaking out. Trump handed Biden a foundation of law enforcement and common sense policies at the border all for the current President to destroy. 

Those orders have allowed undocumented immigrants free reign in the U.S. without any consequences. Migrant facilities are jam-packed as illegals continue to pour in. Biden officials release migrants without testing for COVID right as America attempts to inch out of a pandemic. And to top it off, Biden’s new policy allows migrants to travel the U.S. without a Notice to Appear, the first stage in the deportation process. 

Trump’s statement, in full, reads:

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