We don’t hear much from Joe Biden’s “vice president,” Kamala Harris. It’s probably because, much like Biden, she is simply a puppet for the D.C. establishment. You don’t really need to stand out and be a leader, when you just do what people tell you to do.

Most of what we see from Harris is when she is called on to break a tie vote in the Senate. That just might be the only thing Democrats need her for. Besides from that, she might be going to bed as early as Joe or is otherwise out of the loop.

It seems as if she is either totally uninformed with what is going on in the country. Or she is so cold-hearted, she doesn’t even care that people are suffering. Because when she was asked if she’ll visit the border soon (to see the crisis), she did this.

When Vice President Kamala Harris was asked on Monday whether she has plans to visit the border, she responded, “Not today,” and then laughed.

“But I have before and I’m sure I will again,” the vice president added.

The question came as the U.S. contends with an influx of migrants along its southern border. [Source: Just the News]

Wow, you thought Joe Biden was a robot? I’m not sure what to call Harris.

This week, photos were leaked about the deplorable conditions of our overwhelmed detention centers at the border. Biden’s administration apparently replaced Obama’s “cages” with clear plastic cells—presumably to make it look like they were preventing the spread of COVID. Ironically, though, large groups of people were crammed into small spaces—in no way preventing the spread of the virus.

Migrants were forced to sleep on floors, crowded together in what the New York Times said were “akin to cages.”

But when Harris is asked about this situation, she laughs? Does this woman ever not laugh when something important is going on? Was she trying to dismiss the crisis that is going on, pretending like the reporter was asking her a loaded question?

Thousands of migrants are trying to enter our country illegally. The surge is putting a strain on our resources. Millions of Americans could be affected by this sudden influx of illegal aliens. Not to mention how cartels are thriving thanks to Biden’s weak policy.

But all that Harris can do is laugh?

We can’t be sure why she laughed at the question. What we can take away is that Harris is pathetically unequipped to handle the job given to her. The last (real) vice president was a strong, confident leader who took the job seriously.

Harris is just a puppet, who can’t even answer a question. Yet many Americans speculate that she was picked to replace Joe Biden, when he inevitably steps down due to his declining health.

This is the person the Democrats want to be the Leader of the Free world? An inexperienced senator who laughs when asked about an international crisis?

Wow, the party really has lost its way.

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