Former President Donald Trump believes America is no longer a “free society” as Big Tech continues to go “wild” and expand their political influence. Trump revealed his feelings on a podcast episode with Fox News host Lisa Boothe. 

“No. For one thing we do not have freedom of press,” Trump said when asked if the U.S. is a free society. “Big Tech has gone wild and there’s no more freedom of the press,” he added. 

Trump lamented many “canceled” conservative voices silenced by Big Tech. He added that he feels lucky that he’s able to get his statements out there because the mainstream media still picks them up. Many conservatives don’t have that ability, and Trump hopes to speak for those people. 

“The press is just very dishonest. Freedom of the press is totally gone and you can see it in the way they cover the border,” he added. “It’s never happened to this extent before. They refuse to talk about the border, and many other things, I could give you a list. This has never happened.” 

Trump touted Boothe’s podcast in a press release on Monday: 

Trump has made a lengthy enemy out of the press – and them of him. Nearly every day of his campaign and subsequent presidency was spent calling out their lies and manipulations. 

His comments on the “Fake News” media fall in line with the public opinion. In a recent poll, only 46% of people trust traditional news media, and trust in social media nosedived to a shocking 27% – far lower than year’s past. 

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