White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is attempting to pull the wool over America’s eyes after the current sitting President seemed to be unable to manage a set of stairs while boarding Air Force One. 

Psaki is claiming the boarding stair are “tricky” and climbing them has proved challenging for even the most able-bodied. 

Only just a few days ago the White House blamed the gusty winds for Biden’s viral fall. Now, they’re changing the tune. 

When asked about the fall, Psaki claimed the stairs were “tricky.” Here’s her statement: 

Biden was attempting to board Air Force One when he took a tumble. He attempted to regain control by grabbing the railing, only to fall down a second, then a third time. 

America’s oldest president managed to regain control and give a salute when he finally reached the top of the stairs. 

Psaki refused to say whether Biden saw a doctor after the incident. 

This isn’t the first time Biden has fallen. In November, nearly 80 year-old President fell and broke his foot while “playing with his dog.”  

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