Anytime there is a whiff of gun violence in this country, Democrats want to push more rules that erode our Second Amendment. (Unless, of course, the violence takes place in Chicago—then they just ignore it.) Liberals seem to think that if they prevent law-abiding citizens from acquiring weapons, then shootings will never happen again. It’s funny that Democrats, who seemingly hate violence, never focus on the real cause of shoots: the shooter.

Joe Biden made a few comments this week, urging Congress to pass more restrictions to our Second Amendment rights. He wanted to bring back an “assault weapons” ban, which would effectively outlaw firearms currently owned by tens of thousands of Americans. But it does not look like gun control will be able to pass in Congress, with enough gun rights supporters in the Senate.

So, the White House claims that Joe Biden is exploring ways to abuse—I mean use—his executive orders to take your guns away.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Tuesday afternoon that President Joe Biden is considering “executive action” on gun control, effectively bypassing Congress to push an anti-gun rights agenda.

Speaking at her daily press conference, Psaki said Biden was considering a “range of options” but that the use of an executive order was not off the table.

“We are considering a range of levers, including working through legislation, including executive action,” Psaki said. “That has been under discussion and will continue to be under discussion.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Psaki claimed that as Vice President, Joe Biden was tasked with exploring ways the executive branch could limit gun rights through EOs. I guess he failed, because order-happy Obama never managed to do anything about gun control (he even admitted that was his biggest failure, was it Biden’s fault?).

But as scary as this all sounds, there is virtually nothing Joe Biden can do through executive order to curtail Americans’ gun rights. Executive orders can only affect federal agencies. Biden can’t control how Americans act through them. Nor would he have the power to override a Constitutional right, like the Second Amendment.

The fact that he is “exploring” this idea, however, is disturbing. It shows that Biden is less concerned with the balance of power in the federal government, than with his own personal agenda. He is obeying the radical progressive wing of his party and they are telling him to push gun control.

There are two bills currently floating around Congress seeking to restrict the Second Amendment. But they are most likely not going to pass in the Senate. Some Democrats in the House have even more ambitious bills ready to push, but their futures are also in doubt.

We can go on all day about why gun control doesn’t work, hurts Americans, and violates our Constitution. But the real concern is a man who thinks he can control the lives of free Americans, with a stroke of a pen.

That’s far more dangerous than anything anyone can do with a gun.

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