Sen. Ted Cruz ruthlessly defended the Second Amendment on Tuesday, targeting Senate Democrats who insist on infringing upon the Constitutional rights of law-abiding American citizens. 

Cruz also dismantled the cynical Democrats for mocking prayer, saying the time for “action” is now, adding he will never “mock thoughts and prayers.” 

The MAGA Republican called out the pervasive Democrat mistruth that Republicans are unwilling to take action toward common sense gun reform. He cited legislation he co-sponsored in 2013 that would have strictly enforced background check violations. 

Cruz noted that while his legislation had majority support, along with support of nine Democrats, the bill was blocked due to the Democrat filibuster. 

He then announced a re-introduction of the same legislation and warned against the Democrats’ use of another filibuster.

The Senator’s remarks come after a supermarket shooting in Boulder, Colorado left 10 dead. 

The Colorado shooting followed a previous shooting in Atlanta, Georgia that left eight massage parlor workers dead. 

The two incidents have reignited the debate around gun control.

By: Sebastian Bishop 

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