Joe Biden is scrambling to maintain control of the border crisis narrative. 

On Wednesday, the sitting president placed blame on the Trump administration for the current surge in migrants crossing the southern border illegally. 

In a meeting with his top immigration advisors, Biden had this to say:

Republicans have criticized Biden’s border policies from day one. Since entering office, Biden has reversed or destroyed many of Trump’s common sense border policies that prevented the very tragedy occurring on the border today. 

Another announcement from Biden came as a huge surprise: VP Kamala Harris has been tapped to manage the border crisis despite her hateful rhetoric against law enforcement and border patrol. Harris publicly and repeatedly compared ICE to the KKK.  

Customs and Border Agents revealed they’ve experienced over 100,000 migrants at the southern border in February alone. In January over 78,000 illegals attempted to cross the border. According to data, there were 547,816 border apprehensions in all of 2020 under Trump. Since Biden’s assumed office, border agents have apprehended nearly 180,000 illegals just in 2021.   

The highest level of migration on the southern border happened in 2019 under President Trump, when nearly 130,000 illegals were apprehended. President Trump responded with common sense policies – like “Remain in Mexico – to deter migration.  

By: Yuri Turgenev 

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