After two months in office, Joe Biden finally gave a solo press conference to the media. But it was far from the kind of thing we’ve seen from any previous president.

If you bothered to watch the hour-long event, you wouldn’t have been impressed. Joe Biden continued his reputation for a lack of energy and enthusiasm. And it was painfully clear that he relied on copious pre-written notes that essentially served as talking points. Fox News’ Christ Wallace hit him hard over that.

“Covering Ronald Reagan for six years, I never saw that,” Wallace continued. “Watching a lot of news conferences over the years, I’ve never seen that — a president in a news conference reading talking points. He did that on, it seemed, every foreign policy question.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Talking points, as you can assume, are simply bullet points a campaign uses to push its agenda. But during a press conference, a president is expected to give thoughtful answers to whatever questions come up during the time. That means, talking points don’t cut it.

What if someone asks a question that isn’t covered by Biden’s talking points? That was apparently a major concern for Joe and his staff. Because someone discovered Biden had already decided which reporters to pick, because he had them numbered.

A photograph that was taken of Biden at the podium showed that he appeared to have a pre-selected list of reporters that he called on. The reporters were numbered, and the numbers they were assigned correlate with the order in which they were called. [Source: Daily Wire]

This list strongly suggests that Biden’s staff had pre-arranged who they wanted to call on. They might have even gotten wind of what these reporters would ask, so Biden would be prepared. Evidently, there were other reporters in the room, such as Fox News’ Peter Doocy, that Biden never even acknowledged.

I think we know why. The Biden administration is deathly afraid of Joe having to speak for himself. His mental faculties are rapidly declining. When left to his own devices, Joe can become confused, disoriented, forgetful, and even angry. All signs of a man suffering from a loss in mental ability.

We shouldn’t be surprised to find out that Biden received the reporters’ questions in advance and decided which order to call them. Then it would have been easy for Joe to find the answers—pre-written for him, of course—and make it look like this was a real press conference.

During the event, you can clearly see Biden frequently look down at his podium, as if in thought. In reality, he appeared to be consulting notes his staff provided for him.

The thought that this was a legitimate press conference, where the media was allowed to ask anything they wanted, is a joke. The Biden administration does not trust Joe to speak for himself, so they’ve effectively eliminated the freedom of the press.

And the pathetic MSM is all-too happy to oblige.

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