How ironic. 

Just as Joe Biden enacted his war against the 2nd Amendment, reports emerge that his son, Hunter, may have broken numerous felony gun crimes. 

Hunter Biden allegedly committed a felony when he inaccurately reported information on his federal background check. When asked if he was a user of, or addicted to drugs, Hunter answered, “No.” 

In October 2018, the scandalous son of the President filled out the required Firearms Transaction Record to purchase a .38 revolver. While lying on the form is considered a felony, prosecutions for it are extremely rare. 

Hunter Biden’s long struggle with drug addiction is no secret. Joe Biden addressed it during a presidential debate with Donald Trump. Hunter was even discharged from the Navy in 2014 for failing a drug test.

Last month, the president’s son even released a memoir detailing his struggle with addiction. 

Even worse, reports reveal Hunter’s sister-in-law Hallie, who he had a romantic relationship with after the death of his brother Beau, disposed of the firearm in a trashcan outside of a supermarket.  

After learning what she had done, Hunter demanded Hallie retrieve the gun from the supermarket. The police were subsequently alerted when the .38 revolver was missing from the trash can. 

As police begin their investigation, Secret Service allegedly attempted to hide evidence by retrieving paperwork from the gun shop where Hunter purchased his .38 revolver. The shop owner refused to hand over the paperwork, stating, “I suspected the Secret Service wanted to hide Hunter Biden’s ownership of the missing gun.” 

The Secret Service denies any involvement in the incident. 

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