Former President Donald Trump called in for an exclusive reaction to Joe Biden’s first solo press conference as president.

Biden waited 64 days before facing reporters – and now we know why.

Border Crisis

The interview played Trump a clip from Biden’s presser in which he claims the Former President left migrant children on the Mexican side of the border to “starve to death.”

The remarks drew a fierce reaction from Trump.

“It’s just the opposite, first of all” Trump began. “By the time we put out policies in place on the border, very few people were coming up. They knew they wouldn’t get through. They knew it. Remember, we immediately ended ‘catch and release’ — which was a giant disaster.

“We had the Remain In Mexico policy, that was our biggest thing. We wouldn’t allow people to hang out in the country until they were vetted, totally vetted, which most of them weren’t, so we would send them back to their own country.”

“If young kinds weren’t with parents, and a lot of the time they weren’t, then we would take care of them, but … Biden is doing now is just outrageous and in humane.”

‘It was like softballs’

Trump observed many “strange questions” directed toward his successor.

“It’s just a different world from when I was there,” Trump said, “the questions were asked in a very interesting way. They were softballs; like the reporters just tossed them up.”

Trump noted there was no combative “Jim Acosta”-type reporter hammering Biden with questions.

Jim Acosta – biggest hack reporter at CNN —  often loudly interrupted Trump and other reporters during press conferences. Acosta intentionally clashed with Trump on numerous occasions.

Where were the conservative questions? I noticed Peter Doocy didn’t get to ask a question today. And there are no difficult questions allowed. The White House aides are ready to rip that microphone from Biden or the reporter if someone gets even a little bit testy,” the Former President continued.

“I noticed [Fox News’] Peter Doocy didn’t get to ask a question today.”
— Former President Trump

Biden also falsely accused Trump of enriching only wealthy Americans with his historic tax cuts, but no mention of that during this interview.

Author: Franklin Grecko 

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