In the aftermath of the 2020 Election, we saw notable Republicans openly turn on Donald Trump. It has not gone well for any of them.

Perhaps they thought that Americans and the GOP were ready to reject Trump over the baseless attacks by the media. Or that we’d by the line that Joe Biden rightfully won the election, so we needed to forget about 45. Whatever the reason, these Republicans In Name Only quickly tried to dump Trump—but are now regretting it.

Republicans in the House that voted for the Democrats’ second bogus impeachment were censured by their states. Some are already facing challengers for the 2022 election. Former Trump allies, like Nikki Haley, watched their careers vanish, after saying we needed to “move on” from Trump.

And now, one of the Republican senators that voted against Trump—a longtime enemy of the president—is now facing the music.

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), one of the seven Republican senators who voted to convict former President Donald Trump in his second impeachment trial, has a GOP challenger for the 2022 Senate race.

Kelly Tshibaka, the former Alaska Department of Administration commissioner, announced Monday that she will challenge Murkowski in a 2022 primary election, becoming the first Republican candidate to declare their intentions to become the next U.S. senator from Alaska…

[Tshibaka’s] campaign accused Murkowski of enabling President Joe Biden and “his radical agenda to end drilling and kill Alaska jobs.” The campaign also accused Murkowski of voting against “common sense judges,” remarks that bring to mind Murkowski’s unwillingness to vote to confirm then-judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court back in 2018. [Source: Daily Wire]

Several of the Republican senators who voted against Trump are either retiring or not up for re-election in 2022. But Murkowski was clearly vulnerable, as her job was up for grabs in only two years. Perhaps she thought by then voters would have forgotten that she opposed nearly everything Trump did in office. That’s certainly not going to be the case.

Not long ago, Trump promised to go to Alaska and campaign for whoever was running against Murkowski. We now have at least one challenger, an Alaska native who is fighting to bring back drilling jobs for the state.

From all appearances, Sen. Murkowski is a D.C. insider that doesn’t seem all too concerned with the fate of her home state. She stood against a president like Trump, who was fighting for Americans. But she seems to be backing Joe Biden, a leftist puppet that is putting globalists ahead of Alaskans.

Murkowski is going to have a tough job fighting for her party’s nomination in 2022. She will have to explain to her state why she betrayed them and their party—to garner the support of the D.C. swamp.

But I have a feeling she’s not going to do a very good job of it.

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