A school district in the ultra-liberal state of California has decided to allow illegal immigrant children to attend in-person classes while local children are forced to remain at home.

The San Diego school district remains closed to in-person learning. School teachers have relied on the strength and influence of their union to bemoan the dangers of returning to the classroom during a pandemic. However, those same teachers are willingly entering their classrooms again – but only to teach migrant children.

Unaccompanied minors currently being housed at the San Diego Convention Center – where multiple outbreaks of COVID have occurred – will be given education programs and classes by the local school

English language classes, “social-emotional learning” programs, and more will be taught to the illegal migrant children while residents of San Diego are forced to continue at-home learning. The teachers are reportedly going back to the classroom voluntarily, and the school district ensures proper COVID-19 safety protocols are being followed.

This begs the question: If migrant children are safely getting an in-person education, in a classroom, with a teacher, then why can’t American kids?

Local kids in the San Diego area haven’t stepped foot in a classroom in over a year, though the school district is planning a “hybrid learning model” beginning next month.

Parents are rightfully outraged at the school board’s decision. One parent, who asked to remain nameless, erupted after learning of the decision.

“The entire system is broken. I, along with 100,000 other parents, pay taxes thinking our kids will benefit from a decent education.” She continued, “It’s horribly irresponsible and hypocritical what they’re doing. Why can a kid from another country receive the benefits of in-person education while I struggle to keep my kid educated?”

The decision has caught the attention of California Republican Rep. Issa who called the plan “outrageous.”

Author: Elizabeth Tierney 

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