Let’s face the facts: Joe Biden is no president. Hell, the man hasn’t even given an address to the Joint Sessions of Congress, something every president has done at the start of their first term. His decisions seem to be driven by whatever handler has his ear at the moment.

He says one thing, but does another. And often, he makes bold declarations that are far from the truth.

Perhaps his biggest goose egg was his pledge to unify the country after the toxic 2020 Election. Biden claimed he’d be a president of both red and blue states. He wanted to bring the country together.

Okay… so what has he done to do that? Oh, that’s right, nothing. Joe Biden immediately signed 40+ executive orders that undid most of Trump’s policies. He sat back as Congress wasted time and money on a second impeachment. And, when Democrats forced their agenda with reconciliation, refusing to work with Republicans, Joe said nothing.

Does that sound like “unity” to you? Of course not. And even RINO Mitt Romney has something to say about it.

Utah Sen. Mitt Romney urged President Joe Biden on Thursday to “live up to” the bipartisan rhetoric he used at his inauguration.

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) called out Biden via social media on Thursday afternoon, suggesting the 46th POTUS should reach across the proverbial aisle despite the Democrats’ current House majority.

“A Senate evenly split between both parties and a bare Democratic House majority are hardly a mandate to ‘go it alone,’” Romney wrote on Twitter. “The President should live up to the bipartisanship he preached in his inaugural address.” [Source: Breitbart]

Romney is no rock star of the Republican Party. He is largely hated by conservatives for his consistent support for the D.C. swamp. But even he had to speak out over Biden’s bogus leadership.

The senator is calling out comments made by both Chuck Schumer and White House staff. They intend to push through a toxic, bloated, and doomed-to-fail spending bill that will cost us $2.9 trillion. Because much of the spending is not agreeable to conservatives, Democrats intend to ram this through with reconciliation once again.

Even Romney knows this is a bad road to go down. Not winning even a single Republican vote will only doom the Democrats, eventually.

Romney explains that Democrats’ “majority” is essentially an illusion. They only lead the House by a mere eight seats. And the Senate is split 50-50. Anything can happen in 2022. Most likely, Republicans will win enough seats to take over both Houses. Democrats now have a chance to work together, to both prove they can do it and to save their majority.

Instead, they are going the nuclear route. Anything they get done in D.C. for the next two years will have to be owned by Democrats. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Most of it will be bad or ugly.

They won’t be able to blame Republicans when all this bloated spending hurts Americans. Or when the border crisis turns into devastation. And on and on.

It’s pretty sad that even Romney knows what to do, and Democrats still ignore it.

Author: Cid Johnson

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