A Pro-Biden county in Georgia is facing financial ruin after the MLB decided to head the President’s advice and move the upcoming All-Star game. The decision comes as Biden and Democrats push a series of deceptively false talking points about the recently-passed election integrity bill in Georgia.

Holly Quinlan, CEO of Cobb Travel and Tourism, revealed the estimated lost revenue topped more than $100 million. He said, “The event would have directly impacted our county and been a big boost to businesses recovering after the COVID-19 pandemic”

The Atlanta Braves released a statement following the league’s announcement, saying that they did not support the decision and that they were “saddened that fans will not be able to see this event in our city.”

Georgians are placing blame on Democrat Joe Biden and his far-left cohort Stacey Abrams because they routinely pushed false claims against SB 202 – the recent Georgia election bill. Sources inside Major League Baseball indicate the decision to move the All-Star game was due to pressure from corporate sponsors, not with fear of players’ boycotts.

Former President Donald Trump repeatedly called for boycotts against MLB and other corporations utilizing “woke cancel culture” to protest Georgia’s SB 202. In the past Trump has been immensely successful in organizing boycotts of pro-sports leagues for the radical liberal activism.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth

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