Former President Donald Trump wished the American public a Happy Easter, including “Radical Left CRAZIES.”

His hilarious, heartfelt Easter greeting comes after a surge of statements released from his Mar-a-Lago office in which the Former President calls for boycotts on businesses protesting election integrity laws. The statements come as a warning to to those corporations who follow Democrats’ lead of using “woke cancel culture” to punish conservatives.

Trump concludes his epic condemnation in typical fashion, saying, “Other than that, Happy Easter!’

The Trump family – Former President, Melania, and Barron – we’re recently spotted together at Mar-a-Lago and we’re met with booming applause. He is ‘America’s Favorite President’ after all. 

Barron Trump, 15, has not been seen in months, including his father’s farewell address earlier this year. The Trumps have shielded the youngster from public eye and are quick to condemn all media jabs against him.

Author: Carole Turner 

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