White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki refused to budge on Biden’s false claims about the recently-passed election integrity bill in Georgia. Despite multiple fact checks, Biden’s debunked falsities about the bill remain the White House hard line.

Additionally, Psaki conveyed no remorse on behalf of the President over the $100 million loss in revenue after voicing his support for the MLB boycott of Georgia.

“Is the President going to change his tune on the new Georgia voting law?” a reporter asked.

Here’s Psaki’s full response:

In typical Psaki fashion, she deflected from answering the question, prompting the reporter to ask again, adding, “Biden’s claims have been determined by election experts to be false, so will he stop repeating these claims?”

Again she refused to answer the question.

Psaki was also asked if Biden regretted his “strong support” for Major League Baseball pulling their All-Star game out of Georgia, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue for the state.

Here is the interaction that Psaki had with the reporter:

Author: Elizabeth Landis

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