Since leaving office Trump has remained vague on his future role as an elected official. Will he run again in 2024, or is there something else in the cards for America’s Favorite President?

The Former President has only made on thing certain: he will work tirelessly to help Republicans regain their majorities in the 2022 midterm elections. Beyond that promise Trump has held his cards close; no one knows exactly what he plans to do.

An aide close to the Former President revealed we could be seeing Trump’s name on a ballot sooner than 2024. In fact, he implied Trump may run for Congress in 2022 in the hopes of becoming Speaker of the House – placing him third in the line of succession.

If Republicans win back majority in the House, install Trump as Speaker, and introduce articles of Impeachment, all that’s needed is a Senate conviction for Trump to reign once again. Not only could he finish out Biden’s first term, but he’d also gain a giant leg up for a 2024 reelection.

This level of political maneuvering has never occurred in American history, but Trump is just the man to pull it off. With his massive grassroots support, the Former President could easily win over public the public and finally put an end to the series of devastations caused by the Biden administration.

Author: Gene Hayworth

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