For over a year, the American people have been forced to listen to the raspy warnings of one Anthony Fauci. This so-called “viral expert” has made nothing but doom-and-gloom predictions since March of 2020. And thanks to his unhelpful “advice,” the country was nearly destroyed. But even after the loss of countless jobs, destroyed educations, and ruined lives, Fauci continues to demand blind obedience from the public.

Never mind the fact that Fauci has often been proven wrong. Or the times he admitted he lied about crucial issues. The government-employed doctor only seems to continue to be in the spotlight, because the left-wing media loves using him to spread fear and hysteria.

Fauci never offers hope, just more reasons to be worried. He wants Americans to hide away in their homes, deprived of basic joys like spending time with family and friends. But it seems he is conveniently selective about what issues he’s willing to talk about. For all his condemnation of Super Bowl parties and Spring Break cookouts, the man is oddly silent about Biden forcing hundreds of thousands of migrants in detention facilities.

One newsman pointed this out. And had a good explanation why.

Brian Kilmeade reacted to White House Chief Medical Adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci saying that he doesn’t have anything to do with the “difficult” situation on the border that the administration is doing what it can to improve, by saying that it makes no sense for Fauci to comment on Spring Break, baseball games, and cookouts but not the border, and Fauci is acting this way “because he’s a politician.” …

“But he can comment on Spring Break as much as you want. He can comment on your cookouts. But he can’t comment on what’s going on at the border.”

He later added, “[I]f you can comment on baseball games, if you can comment on Spring Break, if you can comment on getting together in groups of five with people you only know, wearing a mask, from four feet away, why wouldn’t you comment on something that has everything to do with the largest state in the country followed by Arizona, New Mexico, and California? … Why isn’t that your auspices? Because it’s because he’s a politician. That’s why.” [Source: Breitbart]

Kilmeade rips the mask off the “good doctor,” by revealing he’s nothing more than a politician, pushing the party line. If Fauci was really concerned with the spread of COVID at this point, why isn’t he railing against the crisis on the border? Thousands of migrants are forced into cages, with no attempts at social distance. Reports have shown that many aliens released into the country are COVID positive. No condemnation from Fauci.

But he’ll make you feel like a monster for hugging your grandma or going to a baseball game.

Is this man taking crazy pills? No, I believe Kilmeade is right. Fauci has given up the pretenses of being an honest physician and is just cashing in on the attention he’s getting. He’s working at the behest of the left, who have squeezed as much power and money from COVID as they could.

They only way Fauci can be held accountable now, is if we stop listening to him.

Author: Max David

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