Former Vice President Mike Pence is returning to the public eye with the announcement of a newly-formed political advocacy group that combines Trump’s ‘America First’ movement with a more traditional conservatism.

Advancing American Freedom is set to launch as rumors swirl of Pence’s potential 2024 run. The group’s aim is to promote the massive accomplishments had during the Trump-Pence administration.

Former President Donald Trump expressed support for Pence’s venture in a statement

“It was the most successful first term in American history,” Trump said. “Nice to see Mike highlighting some of our many achievements!”

It appears the duo has patched up their differences since the debacle that was the last presidential election. Tensions began to flare when Pence bowed out of the fight again voter fraud. The Former V.P. refused to reverse the 2020 election results during the Electoral College certification.

Sources close to Trump reveal the Former President even phoned Pence to congratulate him on the birth of his grandchild.

Pence, 61, has largely remained out of the public eye. Besides taking a role at the conservative Heritage Foundation, it’s remained unclear as to how Pence will proceed since his time at the White House.

“Conservatives will not stand idly by as the radical left and the new administration attempt to threaten America’s standing as the greatest nation in the world with their destructive policies.”

Pence’s AAF advisory board includes former Trump White House members Kellyanne Conway and Larry Kudlow, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, and actor Kirk Cameron.

The launch of Advancing American Freedom comes as the Biden administration fails to handle the migrant crisis unfolding at the U.S.-Mexico border. The group is said to push back on Biden’s $2.25 trillion “infrastructure” package as well.

Advancing American Freedom will keep a headquarters in Washington, D.C., and will adhere to three main tenets:

  • American strength and security — immigration, Israel and Middle East peace
  • American prosperity — rebuilding the economy, energy independence, tax cuts, and deregulation.
  • American liberty — anti-abortion, school choice, and religious liberty issues.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth

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