Anti-Gun Crisis Actor Gives Up On Progressive Pillow Empire

Teenage gun-control activist and Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg announced this weekend that he is giving up on his dream to own a progressive pillow empire. The radical Far-Left college student announced his exit on Twitter before the company, GoodPillow, even produced a product.

Hogg claims to have divested his shares, giving his partner in crime and fellow progressive William  LeGate, full ownership of GoodPillow. Owning a business, it seems, was more difficult than the young radical activist had anticipated.

Hogg took to Twitter to announce his decision:

However, it still remains unclear what “shares” Hogg is referring to as GoodPillow appears to be structured as a private LLC, which does not issue shares. I

The formation of GoodPillow came as a reactionary decision by Hogg and LeGate to compete with Pro-Trump pillow CEO, Mike Lindell. Hogg called his effort a “pillow fight.” The pair not only intended to run MyPillow and Lindell out of business, but to completely take down Fox News as well, claiming Lindell’s ad dollars are solely what keeps the conservative network afloat.

However, the young duo failed to realize the complications of running a small business and the endeavor became unmanageable. Progressive customers of GoodPillow increasingly made a number of demands. Not only that, Hogg failed to trademark the GoodPillow name or procure internet real estate (a url) associated with the brand. And to top it off, a progressive competitor to Mike Lindell’s MyPillow already existed.

LeGate largely ignored Hogg’s Twitter mea culpa, announcing shipment of GoodPillow will begin in July.

Author: Billy Shearer