City Burns To Ashes As Far-Left Militants Roam Free

Rioters in Portland, Oregon are continuing to wreak havoc on the city besieged by domestic terrorism. Journalist on the ground reported that Antifa and other Left terrorist groups have set an entire ICE facility ablaze – while federal officers were still inside.

Police and National Guard soon arrived on the scene and faced off with far-Left rioters.

Officers deployed a series of pepper bullets, struggling to maintain control of the rioting. The crowd finally began to disperse as law enforcement increased their presence.

The Portland Fire Department was eventually able to extinguish the flames, but officers in the area remained on high alert.

Disturbing photos show a the destruction done in the ICE facility. One series of pictures clearly depicts officers standing off with members of Antifa.

There have so far been no reports of arrests following the riot.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney