Top CEOs Team Up with Biden in Stunning Move

How far will the left go to protect voter fraud? Well, there seems to be nothing they won’t do to ensure our elections are as weak and vulnerable to theft as possible.

The more states try to ensure basic measures to avoid cheaters, the more we see just how little Democrats believe in a fair and open election. What we’re seeing right now in Georgia proves that Democrats have no chance at winning an election—if they can’t commit some level of fraud.

Many states have laws similar to the one passed by the Peach State. In fact, many have even stricter laws on the books. Yet Democrats are trying to hammer Georgia for simple rules like requiring ID when requesting an absentee ballot.

It’s clear Dems hoped to keep Georgia under their thumb. “Flipping” a conservative state blue was a crowning achievement for the radical left. But with this new law in place, they won’t be able to do that again.

What’s even more concerning is how much the left is trying to get companies to join their anti-democratic fight. It seems like CEOs are lining up to destroy our democracy, and tank their companies.

More than 100 corporate leaders met this weekend to plot their opposition to voter integrity laws across the United States following false statements made by far-left activists and top politicians like Democrat President Joe Biden.

CBS News reported that leaders from American Airlines, United Airlines, Levi Strauss & Co., Walmart, ViacomCBS, Ariel Investments, LinkedIn, Twitter, AMC Theaters, and “others” were invited to the leftist event…

“A statement could come early this week, the people said, and would build on one that 72 Black executives signed last month in the wake of changes to Georgia’s voting laws,” The Wall Street Journal reported. [Source: Daily Wire]

Super-rich heads of major corporations met in a shadowy gathering to discuss attempts to coerce states into abandoning laws that protect our elections? Oh, nothing disturbing about that!

Why in the world are companies so eager to do the bidding of the toxic left? Do any of them really think that election laws are preventing people from voting? I doubt it.

This move suggests these leaders want to ensure Democrats have an advantage in elections, that’s all. This has nothing to do with Civil Rights or discrimination. These CEOs aren’t worried about the “rights” of voters being trampled (if they did, they’d support ID laws).

These big, rich, corrupt corporate leaders want frauds like Joe Biden to stay in power. They know Biden’s policies will make it easier for them to ship jobs overseas, avoid paying taxes, recruit cheap illegal labor, and take advantage of a weak U.S. economy.

The last thing these crooked companies want is for a man like Trump to take over. Someone that actually puts American workers ahead of greedy corporations? He might actually help Americans get good jobs and earn better wages. And that means, these CEOs might lose, like, half a percent of their profits!

All of the “outrage” from liberal companies is nothing but a front for them to make more money, at the expense of Americans. But, as Trump has urged us before, they have much more to lose, when Americans boycott their goods and services.

Author: Joe Manwell