SCOTUS Forces Newsom To Respect Christians, See How…

One of the most egregious moves by numerous states during the COVID panic was their attacks on houses of worship. For some reason, governors, mayors, and judges thought the First Amendment no longer existed because of a disease. They trampled on our right to worship by prohibited gatherings of nearly every size, claiming it was to “slow the spread” of a virus they could not control.

Many states quickly reverse those limits, acknowledging they had little power to infringe on Americans’ religious rights. But the once-Golden State of California was determined to destroy its residents’ freedoms. The governor not only banned in-house worship, limiting capacity to pathetic degrees, but he even tried to control how Americans worshiped, including bans on singing.

It didn’t take long for churches to sue the state. COVID or no, Newsom has no power to attack the First Amendment. Many cases were taken to the Supreme Court, which sided with citizens over the state. Now, after all this time, CA is lifting its bogus bans.

Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom lifted all capacity restrictions on houses of worship Monday after months of highly publicized legal battles against churches and five rebukes from the U.S. Supreme Court.

“In response to recent judicial rulings, effective immediately, location and capacity limits on places of worship are not mandatory but are strongly recommended,” read California’s COVID-19 guidance, which was revised Monday…

“The latest opinion from the Supreme Court is a clear reiteration of its continued directive to governors and health officials across America that they cannot discriminate against houses of worship or treat people of faith with less protection than the U.S. Constitution requires,” Ellis told The Daily Wire. “No alleged health crisis ever justifies suspending religious freedom or any of our most sacred rights in America.” [Source: Daily Wire]

It took five rulings from the Supreme Court before crooked Gov. Newsom lifted the religious ban. That’s pretty troubling, since no bans should have been made in the first place.

You might be wondering, why did Democrats ban church services in the first place? Why weren’t churches and other houses of worship deemed “essential” in the middle of a life-altering crisis?

In past generations, banning worship at church during a national crisis would have been unthinkable. Yet today, churches had to spend millions in legal fees just to open their doors.

It’s because today’s modern Democrats don’t respect our religious freedoms. It didn’t even occur to them to mark churches as essential, because that’s how little they care about faith or God. Many other institutions that cater to large groups, like grocery stores, were allowed to stay open (with reasonable modifications put into place). Why couldn’t have churches done the same?

This battle is a sign of what’s to come. There will always be some kind of crisis or problem Democrats will use to expand their power and suppress our rights. Today, it was COVID suppressing our religious rights. Tomorrow, it could be a new crisis suppressing our free speech or right to bear arms.

Democrats will never stop looking for ways to rob us of freedom and turn us into slaves of the state. They will succeed, if we let them.

Author: Timothy Jones