Congresswoman’s Border Visit Reveals Exactly What Democrats Are Hiding

Plenty of news has come out of the border crisis in recent weeks. And for good reason. America is on the verge of a full-blown breakdown, thanks to Joe Biden.

He must have expected Americans to be satisfied with a few measly stimulus dollars, so they’d ignore all the terrible things he’s trying to do. Joe Biden quickly dropped President Trump’s policies that kept the border under control. Almost immediately, illegal aliens flooded the border. Customs and Border Protection as well as ICE were quickly overwhelmed.

Biden has not done anything to assist these agencies as the crisis exploded. Instead, his administration ignored what was going on, refusing to let the media even view the border. These agencies have been taxed to their limits, as hundreds of thousands of aliens (including many drug runners and criminals) try to invade our country.

A New York Republican congresswoman has been able to view the situation. She has even spoken with members of both agencies. And this is what they have to say.

Rep. Nicole Malliotakis, just back from a visit to the southern border, said Tuesday that both U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) want President Biden to revert to former President Trump’s border policies…

“Well, first and foremost, they do want the policies reversed,” the New York Republican said. “They said that this was a preventable crisis, the policies that were put in place by President Trump were working, and they want President Biden to reverse it. [Source: Just the News]

Malliotakis had a few interesting things to say. First, she revealed that those actually tasked with protecting the border and dealing with this massive influx of aliens want Trump’s policies back. These agencies, mind you, are now under Biden’s authority. Those leading them are hand-picked officials by the Biden administration. Yet even they know Trump was doing a better job than Joe.

Other things they want include a court facility at the border to quickly process asylum claims. Usually, when an alien is caught sneaking into the border, they immediately claim asylum. Only 10% of claims are legitimate, the rest should be deported. Yet Biden lets most of these aliens be released into our country, never to show up to their court date.

Malliotakis also revealed that DHS and CBP want Biden to reinstate the agreement we had with South American countries. In the aftermath of the 2018 migrant crisis, Trump landed a major deal with foreign countries. Asylum seekers had to wait in the first country they reached to seek asylum, instead of being let all the way to America’s border.

Of course, Biden killed that deal.

The congresswoman called out the crisis, saying it was not only a national security one, but a humanitarian one. She said in some facilities children were literally “sleeping on top of each other.”

The sad reality is that all of this could have been avoided, if idiot Biden hadn’t shut down Trump’s policies. He created this epic mess, yet does nothing to fix it. Malliotakis and others can demand change all day, but if Biden refuses to hear, nothing will get done.

Do you think Biden will ever do anything to address this crisis?

Author: Thomas Ashtill