Democrats Unveil Legislation That Will Change America — Forever

When Donald Trump appointed a historic third justice to the Supreme Court, Democrats had a meltdown. They fired numerous threats at Trump, including the promise to pack the Supreme Court with more judges, until they got a liberal majority.

Joe Biden, at the time, was silent on the matter. Either he didn’t want voters to know his agenda or was waiting for his masters to tell it to him. But since entering office, Biden announced he was forming a “bipartisan” panel aimed at offering reforms to not only the Supreme Court, but federal courts in general.

Many assume Biden will use this as an excuse to push court-packing. But long before Biden’s panel of hench is even formed, Democrats rush to pack the court.

House and Senate Democrats are reportedly preparing to unveil legislation on Thursday to pack the Supreme Court with four new justices, a move that would change the balance of power on the nation’s highest court.

“The bill would add four seats to the high court, bringing the total to 13, from the current 9,” The Intercept reported. “The bill is led by House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry Nadler, Subcommittee chair Hank Johnson, and freshman Rep. Mondaire Jones. In the Senate, the bill is being championed by Ed Markey of Massachusetts.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Wow. I mean, we often say Democrats are stupid. But we never thought they were this stupid.

Court-packing is so unpopular among Americans, that even socialist Bernie Sanders opposes it. He has even warned Democrats that if they try it, Republicans will do it themselves the next time they have the power.

Packing the Supreme Court is just a pathetic way for Democrats to erase the conservative majority that currently exists. But it does more damage than that. It is an attempt by Congress to control the court, the third branch of our government designed to hold Congress in check. By doing this so openly, Democrats are admitting they do not respect our rule of law: the Constitution.

But do you want to know the really stupid part about this move? It’s not just because legislation like this won’t get passed, thanks to the 50-50 split in the Senate. And it’s not just because it exposes the Democrats’ desperate plan to all of American.

Really, it shows just how ignorant Democrats are at how the system works. Legislation that’s passed by Congress and signed into law by Biden can be challenged in court. The people who have the final say in such cases? The Supreme Court. The court itself will have the power to overrule a law like this, preventing Democrats’ attempts at court-packing.

Yep, that’s how stupid Democrats are. Any attempts to pack the court, by law or any other move by Biden, can easily be thwarted by the court itself. Nothing short of a constitutional amendment can ensure the court has more justices.

And good luck, Dems, if you try to make that happen.

Author: Henry Jones