Republicans Get Revenge On Maxine Waters, And It’s Been a Long Time Coming

The whole nation is sitting on a razor’s edge, awaiting the verdict of the Derek Chauvin trial. Chauvin, the police officer connected to the death of George Floyd, might be put away for his actions or get off scot-free.

You can imagine what will happen if the jury finds him non-guilty.

Over last year and into this one, radical activists have stirred up mostly black communities to riot and destroy their own cities. Blue cities have seen endless nights of destruction and chaos, all because Democrat-backed groups want it so.

The best thing our leaders can do now is call for civility, respect, and peaceful obedience to the law. Protesting the outcome of a trial is understandable, as long as no one is spreading violence.

Too bad Democrat congresswoman Maxine Waters didn’t get the memo. She personally flew to Minneapolis to encourage already angry people to continue to riot, if they don’t get the verdict they want. In fact, she said they should become “more confrontational.” More confrontational? These people have been burning down homes, businesses, and property. People have died during these riots.

What the hell does Maxine want?

Since it seems Pelosi has no intentions of punishing Waters for her history of inciting violence, Kevin McCarthy said his party will.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) demanded on Sunday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) take action against Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) over remarks that Waters made over the weekend, otherwise he will be forced to take action.

“Maxine Waters is inciting violence in Minneapolis — just as she has incited it in the past,” McCarthy said in a statement. “If Speaker Pelosi doesn’t act against this dangerous rhetoric, I will bring action this week.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Maxine Waters is clearly a dangerous, unhinged person. She had previously called for people to confront Trump staffers and supporters if they saw them in public, shortly after activists assaulted Sen. Ted Cruz. Now, she is calling for already violent riots to get worse. What else can that be called than inciting violence?

Hey, didn’t Democrats just impeach Trump, because they accused him (without evidence) of inciting the January 6 riots? Do Democrats no longer care when an elected leader is calling on angry crowds to act? Or does it only matter when it’s in D.C. or allegedly done by a Republican?

Other leaders aren’t waiting around for Pelosi to do something about Waters. Marjorie Taylor Greene, one of the left’s most hated thorns in their side, is calling for Waters to be removed from Congress entirely. Calling Waters a “danger to our society,” she vowed to introduce a “resolution to expel Rep. Maxine Waters from Congress for her continual incitement of violence.”

While such a move might not gain traction in the House, it’s a sign that Republicans are growing increasingly fed up with the left’s hypocrisy.

They claim to want to “unite” Americans, end acts of violence, and uphold the rule of law. They attacked Republicans they claim were supporting Trump’s “insurrection,” for simply questioning the results of the 2020 Election. Yet when real violence is brewing, after a year of unending riots, Democrats turn a blind eye when one of their own is literally calling on people to get violent.

The only solution to this problem is for more Republicans to take a stand against this toxic party.

Author: Joe Westerhouse