Hero Governor Takes Bold Stand Against Far-Left Violence

Republican Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis inked his signature on what he’s calling the country’s “strongest anti-rioting, pro-law enforcement” legislation.

Gov. DeSantis signed House Bill 1 on Monday. The powerful legislation prevents local governments from reducing police funding without state approval and increases penalties for people who participate in riots,

“It is the strongest anti-rioting, pro-law enforcement piece of legislation in the country,”

DeSantis said the legislation was inspired by the mass Far-Left rioting last summer which devastated many communities and resulted in billions of dollars in damage.

HB 1, which was approved by vote of 23-17 in the Republican-led state Senate, increases difficulty of local governments to defund law enforcement by permitting certain elected officials to file budget appeals to a panel of the Governor’s cabinet officials.

“We saw last summer some of the local governments were actually telling these folks to stand, telling police to stand down while cities burned, while businesses were burned, while people were being harmed. That’s a dereliction of duty.”

DeSantis hopes to prevent local municipalities from radicalizing the way many did throughout the country. His aim is to merely hold local officials accountable and to prevent another Far-Left uprising that resulted in tremendous, unnecessary damage.

HB1 also creates a mandatory minimum for those convicted of assault police officers and increases the severity of other crimes involved with rioting, such as obstructing a highway.

Author: Elizabeth Sheridan