Biden’s Next Speech Is Nothing Short Of Horrifying

Joe Biden is finally set to address a joint session of Congress next week where he will reportedly unveil his plan to push for extreme police reform legislation.

The current president has said, “the bar is too high” for convicting police officers and hopes to convince lawmakers of his stance. His speech to Congress is slated to take place on Wednesday.

April 28, the day of his address, marks Biden’s 100th day in office, and will serve as his most important address since routinely shying away from reporters and lawmakers.

The death of George Floyd and the recent conviction of former police officer Derek Chauvin has drawn renewed attention to the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, a bill which would ban officers from using chokeholds and other potentialy fatal acts even in self-defense.

Earlier in the week, Jen Psaki revealed Biden’s plan to address police reform in his “big speech” during the joint session of Congress.

“He believes the bar for convicting officers is too high. It needs to be changed,”

Author: James Shearer