GOP Powerhouse Forces Biden To Abandon Fauci’s Tyranny

Republican Senator Rand Paul suggest Biden “burn his mask” if he wishes to see more Americans receive the coronavirus vaccination.

“If you want more people to get vaccinated, Joe Biden should go on national TV, take his mask off, and burn it.”

The Kentucky Senator noted that if Dr. Fauci could provide evidence that vaccinated people are in fact spreading the virus, he would change his stance. However, that evidence does not exist.

Paul suggested after Biden burns his mask he should declare:

“I am now safe from this plague. I’ve had the vaccine, and if you get it, you can be safe too.”

Many skeptical Americans belief that the burden of proof should be on the government to determine whether vaccinated people can spread the virus, as opposed to the current “the vaccine might not work” narrative spread today.

Biden recently told the Americans we must wear masks, “until everyone gets their shot, until the cases go down.”

Sen. Paul, an ophthalmologist for almost 30 years, has been Fauci’s most vocal critic in Congress and has consistently slammed the seemingly unnecessary and harmful restrictions Fauci continues to put forward.

Author: Asa McCue