War On Cops Begins: Biden Gives The First Order

Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland revealed the Justice Department will mount a full investigation into the entire Minneapolis police force after the guilty verdict of former office Derek Chauvin.

“Although the state’s prosecution was successful, I know that nothing can fill the void that the loved ones of George Floyd have felt since his death.”

Garland referred to the investigation as “pattern of practice” — which will determine whether the Minneapolis police department engaged in lawful behavior while apprehending George Floyd – but it doesn’t end there. The review could result in large changes throughout the nation if Biden’s DOJ determines “improper” police practices were put in place.

Far-Left Mayor of Minneapolis Jacob Frey of-course endorsed the probe, saying in a statement that local officials “welcome the investigation as an opportunity to continue working toward a deep, systemic change of our failing police department.”

The investigation will examine tactics used by police officers in combative situations, including force used during the Far-Left riots seen last summer, and whether the department engages in racial discriminatory behavior. It will also look into the department’s handling of misconduct allegations and its treatment of people with behavioral health issues and will assess the department’s current systems of accountability.

A senior Justice Department official said the intention to investigate has been in the planning stages for months, but the announcement came as to not interfere with the trial of Derek Chauvin.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney