Top Republican Puts End To Race Hysteria With One Statement

Sen. Lindsey Graham destroyed the Left-Wing talking point that America is a systemically racist country, constantly maligning every person of color that enters its borders. Graham used the election of former president Barack Obama and Vice President Kamala Harris as proof.

During an interview, Graham was shown a clip in which Biden delivered a typical anti-American address, claiming America was still engulfed in a racist tidal wave despite all of the advances of African Americans since the abolition of slavery.

This was Sen. Graham’s response:

“We just elected a two-term African American president. The vice president is of African American-Indian descent. So our systems are not racist. America is not a racist country.”

According to Sen. Graham, within every society you will have “bad actors” and the Derek Chauvin debacle proves just that. Graham fully supported the guilty verdict of the former Minneapolis police officer.

The interview quickly veered toward the more recent shooting in Columbus, Ohio in which a young teenage girl, Ma’Khia Bryant, was fatally shot by police while wielding a knife with the intention of murdering another female.

Many have argued that the officer took appropriate action to save the life of the other female involved.

So this attack on police and policing — reform the police, yes. Call them all racist, no. You know, America is a work in progress but best place on the planet, and Joe Biden spent a lot of time running the place down. I wish he would stop it.”

It’s only been one week since former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was charged with the second-degree murder, and third-degree manslaughter, of George Floyd. Sen. Graham’s declaration proves that America is on track to fight injustice in the law enforcement system.

Author: Nolan Sheridan