Trump Weighs In On Election Audit – Singles Out The True Villains

A lot has been said about the 2020 Election results. A lot more could be said, but it seems like the powers that be have all but banned discussion. The liberal media, along with their cohorts in Silicon Valley, has essentially determined any ongoing challenges to the 2020 Election results is the same as treason.

You can get kicked off of social media for suggesting any amount of fraud occurred. Hell, Democrats tried to remove two U.S. Senators for defending Trump’s stance that the election was stolen. It’s pretty clear that free speech has its limits, if you believe the left. And those limits kick in when you begin to wonder if various counties across the country deliberately altered the outcome of the election.

But regardless of the unprecedented censorship attempts by the left, progress is happening. Controversial Arizona county, Maricopa, has initiated an audit of its 2020 election results. It’s happening far too late to affect the outcome, but any audit might expose legitimate attempts at fraud. At the very least, it could vindicate Republican voters and prevent similar “irregularities” from happening again.

Of course, Democrats are viciously fighting this attempt. So, Donald Trump himself waded in.

Former President Trump on Monday issued a statement praising the election audit pertaining to Maricopa County Arizona, while blasting Democrats and saying that they will seek to undermine the effort.

“Incredible organization and integrity taking place in Arizona with respect to the Fraudulent 2020 Presidential Election. These are Great American Patriots, but watch, the Radical Left Democrats ‘demean and destroy campaign’ will start very soon. They will say anything they can to take away the integrity, validity, and credibility of what these incredible Patriots are doing—but the people of Arizona won’t stand for it. They were among the earliest to see that this was a Rigged Election!” Trump said in the statement.

A new judge has been tasked with overseeing a Democratic legal challenge brought against the audit after the original judge assigned to the matter recused himself from the case. [Source: Just the News]

Trump praised Arizona state leaders for forging ahead with an audit of Maricopa County’s election results. He called those leading the charge patriots for examining how the county handled the election, and looking for possible attempts at fraud.

But the 45th president also warned that Democrats will “say anything” to prevent the audit from being successful. Already the audit is facing legal challenges. Democrats, naturally, are suing to stop the audit from happening.

You have to wonder, if this was a fair and fraud-free election, why are Democrats so eager to stop an audit? What are they afraid might come out? If no fraud occurred, you’d think they would want an audit, to vindicate their side.

Instead, they are fighting tooth-and-nail to prevent any attempts at transparency, as they’ve done since the 2020 Election occurred. It seems Democrats really love democracy, when nobody can verify votes are legitimate.

We can’t say for certain what this audit will disclose, if it can even be held. But we can say that no matter what, Democrats won’t like what Arizona finds.

Author: Peter T. Smith