Biden Accidentally Gives Republicans The Next Election

Joe Biden made plenty of promises during his campaign and at the Inauguration. Among them, he promised to be a uniting force within the country, a leader for both blue and red states.

But since January 20, what has Joe done? Very little of what anyone would call “uniting” the country. In fact, Biden has shed any impressions of being a moderate, forcing through the most radical, left-wing agenda the country has ever seen.

Biden has already killed thousands of jobs. He sits back as our border explodes with illegal aliens. He is pushing extreme environmental policies. And let’s not mention his terrible spending intentions, that would plunge the U.S. economy into the dark ages.

Not great progress for a man soon to reach his 100 day in office. And as he reaches this important point, all the polls reveal he is losing America.

As President Joe Biden approaches 100 days in office, his job approval ratings hover just above 50%, placing him behind almost all of his recent predecessors at the milestone traditionally marking the end of the beginning of U.S. presidential administrations.

“The fact he’s only in the low 50s right now is a really bad sign for Joe Biden,” says pollster John McLaughlin…

The Real Clear Politics polling average shows Biden with approval ratings in the low 50s range and disapproval in the low 40s. The average approval rating for the past 14 presidents polled at this point in their terms is 66%, according to ABC. [Source: Just the News]

We shouldn’t be surprised that Joe’s numbers are below water already. Does anyone really believe he’s even a legitimate president in the first place? Over half the country had thought he cheated in the first place. These kinds of numbers reflect that, in addition to a shady election, Biden continues to fail in nearly every respect in office.

What does this mean for the future? Democrats know anything can happen in 2022. They have a dismally thin majority in the House, with a split Senate. As Biden continues to ram a wildly unpopular and unsuccess agenda through D.C., more and more Americans will be eager to essentially fire Democrats.

There is a good chance Republicans can retake the House and Senate in 2022—robbing Biden of support in Congress. Pelosi and Schumer know they only have less than two years to get anything done. That is why they are so aggressive at pushing their toxic plans. But the harder they push—at Joe’s urging—the more upset Americans get.

Democrats are effectively stuck in a giant Chinese finger trap. The more they tried to ram their horrible agenda down our throats, the more likely they will lose in 2022. And if Congress is flipped so early in Biden’s administration, he’s got a snowball’s chance in Hell that he can get anything else done.

Not a great place to be, for a “president” the media claims is doing a better job than Trump. By all appearances, Biden is a stammering fool that is obeying the orders of the radical left.

We should not be surprised Americans are sick of him already.

Author: Doug Smith