Chaos Erupts After Biden’s Health Plummets During Presser

Joe Biden revealed to reporters he would be “in trouble” if he continued to take questions during a rare question-and-answer session on Tuesday afternoon.

Biden answered a few questions shouted at him while discussing new mask mandates for fully vaccinated Americans.

When asked wearing a mask during an upcoming meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Biden said:

“I’m sorry. This is the last question I’ll take, and I’m really gonna be in trouble.”

Biden doesn’t shy away from self-depreciation when it comes to his numerous gaffes, but in this instance many reporters left feeling very confused.

Earlier in his career, Biden was much more lively with the press, often engaging them during significant legislative or historic moments. However, since taking office, he’s limited his engagement to only one solo press conference and an occasional back-and-forth session with reporters as seen on Tuesday.

Even liberal reporters have conveyed their frustration with the lack of transparency in the White House, particularly on border issues. Despite Jen Psaki’s daily press briefings, reporters are growing frustrated by the lack of access to the president.

Biden struggles through any impromptu question and answer sessions. For example, yesterday a reporter asked why masks should be work outdoors, even for the unvaccinated, given the low risk of transmission.

He responded:

“Because the science indicated that the most certain way to make it doesn’t spread is if both people have been vaccinated, you’re outside.”

Author: Nolan Sheridan