Trump Waves Goodbye To Show Business Forever

No stranger to the silver screen, Trump completely annihilated ABC’s broadcast of the 93rd annual Academy Awards. The Former President released a statement mocking the Oscar’s record-low ratings, suggesting that many Americans have tuned out since the show became “politically correct and boring.”

According to television ratings, the Oscars only attracted an estimated 10.4 million viewers, its lowest viewership since the ubiquity of the television. Two decades ago, the show drew more than four times as many viewers.

Trump lamented the once-great Academy Awards, however noting they “will only get worse” if Hollywood continues down a path of political correctness.

Read Trump’s full statement here:

Americans have soured on Hollywood since left-wing actors began using the Oscars as a soapbox for their liberal ideologies. Since 2014, ratings for “Hollywood’s Greatest Event” has been in serious decline. The ceremony this year began with actress Regina King waxing poetic about the Derek Chauvin trial, even telling viewers she’d “be in the streets” if not for the guilty verdict.

Oscar winners and other presenters that night blurted multiple liberal talking points like gun violence, police shootings, and diversity.

Trump noted in his statement the Oscar’s decision to yet-again go without a host. Between Left-Wing cancel culture ratings in a free-fall, hosting the Academy Awards has become a job no one will take.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney