Biden Facing Intense Backlash Over Congressional ‘Speech Of Lies’

Much like the Oscars, last night there was an event you probably didn’t watch. Joe Biden delivered his first address to the Joint Session of Congress. It is a speech that is supposed to be delivered early in a president’s administration, around February. But the Democrats delayed Biden’s address until the end of April. I’m sure you can figure out why.

This speech is normally a moment for a president to unite the country behind his vision for America and urge Congress to support him in his agenda. Neither of those things happened, as Sleepy Joe did his usual bang-up job of slurring his way through a pile of nonsense.

Biden spread a mountain of falsehoods regarding our country, gun rights, our enemies, and other major issues (while ignoring other serious crises). He promised massive amounts of new government spending, which would include major tax hikes that will send jobs overseas. And while continuing to beat the COVID-19 drum, he took credit for Trump’s accomplishments in securing the vaccine.

Democrats, of course, tried their best to praise Biden’s divisive and dishonest speech. But the rest of the country was not impressed. The backlash was fast and fierce.

Democrat President Joe Biden faced intense backlash over the speech he delivered to Congress on Wednesday night with many critics calling it extreme, full of false statements, and divisive.

Biden spent the night pushing for big government spending, mocking gun owners, and saying that he did not want conflict with America’s enemies. Biden failed to give the Trump administration any credit for Operation Warp Speed, which did the heavy lifting when it came to getting vaccines developed in historic time. [Source: Daily Wire]

Critics picked apart Biden’s comments, exposing his many falsehoods and flaws.

If I were Biden right about now, I’d be firing whoever wrote this speech. Joe frequently promises unity, as do others in his party. But he does very little to try to bring together the right and left. This speech would have been a perfect opportunity for Biden to extend an olive branch to Republicans. Instead, he called for everything Republicans hate: big spending, higher taxes, more government, and socialist programs.

On particularly low point in the speech was a claim Biden made about the January 6 Capitol riot. Apparently, Joe thinks that event was the “worst attack” against U.S. democracy since the Civil War. Yet, he ignored the months of riots that took place across America by leftist activists, who were egged on by Democrats and the MSM.

According to reports, the Capitol riot left 5 people dead and caused $30 million in damage.

The leftist riots from 2020? Between May and June, they were estimated to cause up to $2 billion in damage. At least 25 Americans have died during events connected to these “peaceful protests.” And, chances are, Black Lives Matter and Antifa aren’t even done.

Of course, Biden refused to even mention the border crisis, a problem he single-handedly caused when he removed Trump’s immigration policies. The government is spending around $80 million a week housing captured migrants. Thousands more are believed to be coming. Yet Biden refuses to do anything about it.

So, yeah, I think this speech can be considered a great big failure.

Author: Thomas Williams