Rising GOP Star Destroys The President’s Congressional Address In Minutes

Directly following Joe Biden’s first address to Congress, Republican Sen. Tim Scott made a rebuttal speech so spectacular, Republicans across the country couldn’t help but take notice. Scott honed in on Biden, and largely the entire Democrat Party’s, divisive and radical platform.

Sen. Scott began his speech with some kind words about our current sitting president.

As his speech progressed, the Senator humbly told a personal story about his upbringing. He revealed how conservative principles played a major role in getting his life on track, and how those very principles are under attack right now in America.

After the niceties, Scott hammered Biden hard on his inability to unite the country — despite endlessly promising just that while on the campaign trail.

The Senator noted how in Biden’s first three months in office, he and the party he leads have done nothing but divide the country even further.

Scott rung the alarm on the COVID fascists that continue to dominate the Left, noting how some elementary schools still remained closed after teachers’ protest, affecting the “most vulnerable” schoolchildren in America.

The Republican Senator highlighted the great bipartisan work achieved under Donald Trump’s presidency, and how that seems impossible with Joe Biden at the helm.

Many of Biden’s radical Left policies were slammed by the rising GOP Star, which he referred to as “socialist dreams.” Critical Race Theory and Biden’s upcoming spending plan were Scott’s main targets.

Then perhaps the most controversial moment of Scott’s speech occurred when he exposed the progressive’s constant racist attacks against him, those on the “Left” who often refer to the Senator as an “Uncle Tom.” However, to cap it off with fireworks, Sen. Tim Scott said definitively:

“America is not a racist country.”

The internet erupted, many proving Scott’s point of Left-Wing racism. Progressives whirled anti-black slurs so ferociously, “Uncle Tim” even became a trending topic on twitter.

Author: Nolan Sheridan