You Won’t Believe Who Democrats Are Running In 2024

Many voters have signaled that they don’t want neither Joe Biden or Donald Trump to run for president in 2024, so Democrats have raised major questions as to who should take lead the Party in a presidential primary election victory.

Zoogby poll recently surveyed business leaders – putting two celebrity Democrats who could potential lead the ticket in 2024. The celebrity duo crushed it in the polling, topping GOP lineup of Trump, Pence, Gov. Ren DeSantis, Tucker Carlson, and even fellow celebrity Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

The ticket: BFFs Oprah Winfrey and actress/semi-royal Meghan Markle.

Both have been rumored to be considering White House runs and are often thrown into random polling surveys. Since Winfrey’s interview with Markle, the two have established a growing bond through progressive politics.

As it stands, Oprah tops trump by 27 percent, 58%-31%. Markle beats Trump by 20 points, 52%-32%.

Pence lags both also, but he does slightly better than Trump.

Surprisingly, Tucker Carlson polling is on par with rising GOP star Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth