Biden Gets The Surprise Of a Lifetime From Small Business Owners

America’s leading small business advocacy groups, Job Creators Network, has had enough with what they call Biden’s “war on small business.” President and CEO of the organization, Alfredo Ortiz, called out Biden for the way in which he’s “beholden to his left-wing base” instead of doing what’s right to save small businesses in America following the coronavirus pandemic.

“Small businesses are already reeling after a year of government-imposed lockdowns and just finally getting some breathing room thanks to the vaccine,”

During his first address to Congress Biden announced his $2.25 trillion American Jobs Plan project. The proposal would inflict a massive corporate tax hike on businesses, essentially making it harder for American entrepreneurs to offer their goods and services at fair prices. The president tasked his V.P Kamala Harris with executing the jobs plan.

“It’s been like rapid fire of bad policy on small businesses.”

The Job Creators Network publicized their stance against Biden’s tax hikes with a massive billboard in Times Square, New York City.

“Biden wants to raise taxes on small businesses? HELL NO! NOT ON OUR WATCH!”

Biden seeks it harder for businesses to operate just as they begin to recover from pandemic hardships. Between mandating minimum wage hikes, sky-rocketing taxes and increased regulation, the Biden administration has enacted a full-scale war against enterprise big and small in the U.S.

Author: Dan Pryor