Ratings Are In: Biden Can’t Hold a Candle To Trump

Americans had no qualms expressing their dissatisfaction with Biden’s presidency during his first Congressional address on Wednesday. According to the ratings, Biden garnered 75% less viewers than Trump did during his 2017 address.

Nielsen’s initial ratings data reported that 11.6 million people watched Biden’s address.

Viewership from ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox were included in the ratings numbers. Cable news networks such as Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC were not included.

Conversely, the lowest number of viewers Trump ever received for a Congressional address was 37.2 million in 2020.

Throughout Trump’s presidency, his ratings were as follows:

2017: 48 million
2018: 46 million
2019: 46.8 million
2020: 37.2 million

Biden honed in on two major spending packages during his first address.

The American Jobs Plan, a $2.5 trillion monstrosity covertly disguised as an “infrastructure” project, will include paid leave, free child care, elderly caregiving, free housing, “healthier” school lunches, a major corporate tax hike, and billions for climate change research.

The second, another trillion-dollar disaster called the American Families Plan, will cost the “American Family” over $1.8 trillion. The purpose of the bill is to grow America’s social welfare system (as if it weren’t already big enough.) Items included in the measure are universal pre-kindergarten, tuition-free community collage – ultimately a major expansion of the role the government plays when it comes to raising and providing for American families.

Author: Nolan Sheridan