Biden Caught Using Taxpayer Dollars Like Personal Credit Card

Tens of millions of Americans are receiving increases to the food stamp benefits — without Republican approval. The Biden administration is secretly laying the foundation to bypass Republicans in an effort to ramp up government spending just as America’s national debt reaches unprecedented heights.

Biden’s Department of Agriculture is referring to their shopping list as the “market basket” in the hopes of receiving more funding from the federal government without GOP putting on their stamp of approval.

Biden ordered a review of the “Thrifty Food Plan” on day two of his presidency. The review is set to automatically increase food stamp benefits as soon as Oct. 1, one day after the expiration date of the temporary 15% boost included in Biden’s original $1.9 trillion COVID stimulus plan.

“Biden’s review could result in an upward adjustment of 20% or more in the benefits. That would amount to roughly a $136-a-month increase in the maximum benefit for a family of four, which was $680 before the temporary pandemic-related increase.”

Biden has packaged his move as a part of his broader “anti-poverty” movement, but many believe his spending is simply out of control. Such initiatives were part of the Covid-relief package – and meant for that alone – but the Biden administration is seeking to make some proposals permanent. For example, the Agriculture Department extended a universal free school lunch program tied to pandemic relief through the entire 2021-22 school year.

Former President Trump attempted to limit American’s dependence on food assistance, though his attempts were shot down in court. . Food stamps, though once considered a bipartisan project, have devolved into a partisan hot button issue in recent years. House Republicans have proposed cuts to the food stamp program since 2013.

Biden often invokes the horrendous struggles Americans faced during the onslaught of the government-imposed pandemic of the last year, saying during his address to Congress, “I didn’t think I’d see that in America.” He triggers the American heart string before secretly pushing forward outlandish spending measures that could bankrupt nation – and cause even greater economic devastation. However, Democrats rarely consider the long-term affects such spending could have on future generations.

The middle and working-class Americans so stabilized by Trump’s booming economy suddenly became vulnerable once Democrats began issuing their lockdown orders. Nearly one in seven American households reported not having enough to eat by December 2020 as the pandemic raged on. And in January 42 million Americans were on food stamps – a nearly 13% increase from the year prior.

Democrats now hold slim majorities in both chambers of Congress, so any Republican effort to halt the plan would likely result in failure.

The Biden administration hasn’t officially released their plan following the review, but administration officials have made clear they believe current food stamp benefits are not sufficient.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney