Democrat Leaders Turn On Biden Amid Growing Crisis

Soon after entering office, Joe Biden set into motion events that led to a massive crisis on our border. Hundreds of thousands of migrants have tried to enter our country since the start of this year. Our Border Patrol agents and other agencies are overwhelmed. The government is reportedly spending over $80 million a week to house migrants. And there seems to be no end in sight.

What makes matters worse is that the Biden administration is doing nothing to fix the crisis. In fact, the disorganized, confused, and largely leaderless administration refuses to even acknowledge there is a problem.

During Biden’s address to Congress last week, he went on and on about the “crises” our country is facing, that demand massive government spending. But not once did he discuss the border or solutions to the exploding migrant crisis.

Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly, a Democrat, slammed Joe for refusing to even mention this problem, which is hurting residents of his state. Now, another Democrat is calling out Biden.

Texas Democrat Henry Cuellar (D) on Saturday slammed President Joe Biden for failing to address the border crisis during his address to Congress. According to Cuellar, what’s taking place in border states is a “crisis” and should be acknowledged as such…

“I did notice that the president did not talk about the border. There is a border crisis, no ifs about it,” he explained. “The numbers are still high.”…

“To say that we have everything under control – you know, I’m supportive of President Biden, I’m a supporter of his – but we’re not paying attention to the border communities and this is not under control,” Cuellar said. “I can tell you that.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Texas shares the largest border with Mexico than any other state. It stands to suffer the most as potentially thousands of migrants invade. It shouldn’t be a surprise that state leaders would call out Biden over this fiasco. But for another Democrat to do is reveals just how little the party is behind Joe Biden.

It’s clear that D.C Democrats are in no way concerned for the problems border states are dealing with. They are just fine with passing rules that turn the border into a disaster area, since they aren’t facing it on a daily basis.

Several leaders, including local Democrats, have called on the administration to actually visit the border. Neither Biden nor Harris appear to have any plans to see what is going on in person. Even if they did, would that convince them to do anything about it?

They don’t suffer the consequences of illegals invading local communities. They don’t have to deal with a spike in crime, the burden on the healthcare system, the loss of jobs to aliens, and other problems created by this crisis.

But men like Cuellar do. He can’t just blindly support Biden’s actions—and expect to keep his job.

Don’t be surprised when more Democrats call out Biden over the border crisis. The real question is, will he do anything about it?

Author: Mark Johnson