Embarrassing: Anti-Trump RINO Bombarded By Home State GOP

Utah Republicans gave Sen. Mitt Romney a lashing of a lifetime during a speech he attempted to give in his home state. Romney was heckled, booed, and even called a “traitor” by some of his home state Party compadres.

The 2012 presidential loser attempted to quell the buzzing crowd, but ultimately he was overpowered the minute he walked on stage to deliver his speech.

The Utah Republican barreled through in an effort to get through his speech, but his mention of Former President Trump really set the crowd a blaze

Delegates from his home state were even referring to Sen. Romney as a “communist”

Mitt Romney attempted to fire back, asking the crowd, “Aren’t you embarrassed?

I’ve been a Republican all of my life. My dad was the governor of Michigan and I was the Republican nominee for president in 2012.”

Delegates at the convention attempted to censure Sen. Romney over his vote to impeach then-President Trump, but the measure narrowly failed by razor-thin margins: 798 for and 711 against.

Republican Governor from Utah, Spencer Cox, also drew the ire of the crowd over his decision to uphold the tyrannical lockdown restrictions due to the coronavirus

“I know some of you hate me for some of the decisions I had to make. But I want to point out that some of you haven’t been paying attention.”

Cox attempted to defend his actions by pointing to the lack of restrictions for religious gatherings, but this pro-Trump crowd simply was not hearing it.

However,  Sen. Mike Lee, another Republican, but of the America-First bent, was cheered when he addressed the crowd.

Lee said of the Democrat Party:

 “Their whole agenda is wrapped up around one idea: unquestionable trust in government.”

On Biden, lee declared:

“He wants us dependent on government. He wants to extend lockdowns. We want to end them!”

Author: Nolan Sheridan