Biden Viciously Insults U.S. Military

The seemingly anti-American Biden administration has continued their attack on the U.S. military and our veterans by pulling a permit that allows a giant motorcycle parade on to ride though Washington D.C. on Memorial Day.

For the past 30 years, the POW-MIA gathering has drawn tens of thousands of riders across the country, but the Biden administration is putting the kibosh on this pro-America tradition.

Republican Rep. Brian Mast blasted Biden’s decision:

“We are truly blessed to be living in the greatest country on Earth thanks to the brave men and women who have committed the ultimate sacrifice. But sadly right now, this is Joe Biden’s America, and it seems that cross the border illegally is a bigger priority than paying respects to our nation’s fallen heroes.”

As expected, the Pentagon blamed the COVID-19 pandemic on their decision to end the 30-year tradition.

Since the onslaught of the pandemic, The Pentagon has permitted few special events to occur, but just recently revoked the permit for Rolling to Remember hosted by AMVETS on March 11.

Just last month, Rep. Mast – a bomb expert working and Army veteran – suffered grave injury when he lost both of his legs during a tour in Afghanistan. The Republican Rep. penned a letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd urging to to rescind his decision to pull the permit.

In his letter, Mast said

“Most Americans enjoy freedom because of the sacrifice of the U.S. military, but the Biden Administration seems intent on restricting that freedom, and now, even restricting Memorial Day ceremonies. Preventing a tradition like Rolling to Remember flies in the face of the freedoms that so many have died to protect.”

The Director of of AMVETS’ expressed his dismay during an interview on Fox News on Monday.

However, there is a Plan B. AMVETS revealed it plans to move forward with their Memorial Day celebration at RFK Stadium, many miles away from Constitution Ave. in the heart of D.C.

Author: Nolan Sheridan