Big Tech Power Couple Announces Shocking Change To Their Empire

In addition to Bill’s Big Tech giant Microsoft, the power couple rose to fame recently using their billions to help stop the spread of COVID-19. As it turns out — they did not succeed.

The duo announced their divorce on twitter:

Bill Gates, 65, became the fourth-richest man in the world when his company, Microsoft, became a leader in the growing tech space. Melinda Gates, 56, used to work for Gates as a Microsoft manager, but more recently dedicated her time to global health and pro-women activist work through their foundation, The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

They now-separated Big Tech couple vowed to continue their work together in improving “global health” and remain dedicated in combating “climate change” and bolstering education in the U.S.

Their announcement comes as the second Big Tech bombshell in recent years. In 2019, Jeff Bezoz and MacKenzie Scott announced their separation, leaving at stake the world’s fourth-biggest fortune valued at nearly $145 billon.

However, the diving up Gates’ wealth will prove to be a bit more difficult as it is largely concentrated in stock.

Gates’ shares in his own company Microsoft total about 20%. He’s diverted much of his wealth into the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. His exact investment has been kept hidden from the public since he left Microsoft’s board of directors last year.

The marriage between Bill and Melinda has been largely based on their philanthropic work. While they’ve vowed to remain working together, the future of the foundation is unknown.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney