Biden Deploys Anti-American Tirade On Memorial Day

Joe Biden is a disgrace.

The cognitively-challenged president could barely utter his wildly Anti-American Memorial Day speech on Monday, but somehow the message was delivered loud and clear.

Biden sent a warning to Americans on the day we’re meant to celebrate and honor the fallen men and women who sacrificed their lives for the very democracy Joe claims is “in peril.”

He used his Memorial Day speech as a political opportunity to speak out against the recent election laws in the Republican-led states of Georgia, Florida, and Texas (though Democrats in TX are making it difficult.)

Joe Biden, again, failed the country when he decided to bring attention to America’s faults and not celebrate America’s successes. This demonstrates full-well that he, along with his Democrat comrades, are taking full advantage of the current political climate to pass their radical legislative agenda.

“Let me state the obvious,” the illegitimate president began, “Our democracy is imperfect…it’s always been.”

Biden claimed when “free and independent press pursues the truth founded on facts, not propaganda” democracy thrives. Interesting, given the fact that the press has never been more lenient on a sitting president in modern history. If propaganda is what Joe warns against, then why isn’t he standing up to the massive corporate machines pushing out constant puff pieces on not only himself, but his entire administration, whether they be factual or not?

Like a parrot, Joe over-and-over again repeated the same banal themes of his campaign: that he alone will preserve the “soul of America.” His assertion drips with irony as the policies put forward by his administration have quite literally destroyed the hope many Americans have in the future of the country.

“Empathy is the fuel of democracy,” he claims. Well where’s your empathy for our small business owners who struggle to survive a man-made pandemic? For farmers who are forced to succumb to your brutal regulations? For pipeline workers who, with a simple flick of pen, you sent to the unemployment line? Joe Biden lacks all of the empathy in the world yet demands it of his people – a true sign of evil.

And without fail, Biden couldn’t make a speech without kowtowing to the Far-Left gender radicals, hell-bent on destroying man and woman alike. Diversity, being the religion of the day, was featured heavily in Biden’s speech, yet no where in it did he convey his gratitude for the MEN and WOMEN who fought and died for the freedom that “diversity” requires.

“The diversity of our country and our armed services is and always has been an incredible strength,” Biden said.

Joe Biden and his Democrat cohorts are the pristine example of how not to be an American because simply they are anti-America. What they love about this country is what politicians like Donald Trump are trying to destroy – the corruption, the regulation, the stifling of freedom. They do not want to see a better United States because in a divided nation, their political agendas, and their full pockets, will remain intact

Author: Elizabeth Tierney