Democrat Cities Crumble In Post-Pandemic Era

One of the major fallouts of the COVID panic has been a dramatic increase in remote working. The office culture is dead. When states forced people to stay at home, it helped Americans realize how much better life can be, when they are not commuting into a polluted, overcrowded city for work.

Fast internet, cheap laptops, and a variety of online tools allowed millions of office workers to stay in their pajamas. Parents were able to get work done while staying close to their kids. Employees were able to save time and transportation costs. Employers were able to save countless dollars on the cost of buildings, office supplies, and utility bills.

Did anyone really think people would want to go back to the old arrangement, when this thing was over?

It turns out no. Nobody wants to go back to working in a stuffy office when they can work from home. And a new study reveals that this dramatic shift is directly hurting liberal strongholds.

A study projects employees will remain working remotely 20 percent of workdays, up 15 percent pre-pandemic, impacting Democrat-controlled cities…

The shift to WFH will directly reduce spending in major city centers by at least 5-10 percent relative to the pre-pandemic situation…

“Dense core counties of major U.S. metro areas saw a net decrease in flow into the city, while other suburbs and some smaller cities saw net gains,” Bloomberg explains…

Most of these cities have been Democratic strongholds for a generation or more. When democracy devolves to one-party rule, when the ballot box fails to provide remedies, people will vote with their feet. [Source: Breitbart]

The study found that, post-pandemic, work-from-home will stay at around 20 percent. Before the pandemic, it was around 5 percent.

The impact this will make will generally affect major cities. People who stay at home won’t be commuting into a loud, crime-ridden city. That means they won’t be spending money in those cities, contributing to a drop in revenue for businesses. On top of that, workers aren’t staying in blue-run cities or states.

After all, if you can work anywhere why stay in a city that charges sky-high rent and taxes?

Small towns and conservative states are experiencing a boom, as people flock to cheaper locales with better schools and environments.

We can’t ignore the fact that during the pandemic, Democrat-run cities forced the harshest restrictions and lockdowns. They were unwilling to reopen early and continue to punish families with limited school reopenings. Meanwhile, Republican-run states reopened fast, dropped mandates earlier, and worked to get schools back up and running.

Of course, people would flee CA or NY, just to get a shred of normal life back. And if you can work from home, why stay in a place like San Francisco?

This news should come as no surprise to anyone paying attention. The real question is, can Democrat-run cities win back workers and residents? They surely want to but have no intention of figuring out how.

Author: Andrew Smith