Biden Goes Full Racist In Stunning Speech To Black Americans

Joe Biden is a clueless, old fool. He is so far removed from America and its people; he has no clue where he is or what he’s doing. Just yesterday the cognitively-challenged president unleashed a racist tirade pandering to black Americans, making the claim that they aren’t as successful as white Americans because “they don’t have lawyers or accountants.”

Imagine the shock on Joe Biden’s face when he learns that not only are black Americans capable of getting lawyers or accountants, some have even earned their legal and CPA degrees in their own right!

Biden spoke to a crowd of black business owners to recognize the 100th anniversary of the Greenwood Massacre in Tulsa. The speech was chock-full of racist pandering, with claims that only with his federal government can these black business owners pull themselves out of their harrowing conditions. Faces of shock and horror filled the stadium.

He announced that the federal government would use more taxpayer money to support “disadvantaged businesses owned exclusively by black and brown Americans.” While that is racist on multiple levels, what Biden fails to realize, or rather what he chooses to ignore, is that “black and brown” owned business thrive when the federal government backs off, removes regulations, and allows them to fairly compete in the market unimpeded. Black Americans aren’t asking for handouts from the majority-white federal government; they’re asking you to leave them alone.

“I have the authority to do that,” Biden asserted.

Biden continued to make promises the federal government is not capable of keeping, or has already tried in the past and failed under the Obama administration. His racist assertions offended many in the African American community, especially when he claimed Black Americans were incapable of finding quality food and water in their own communities.

Just to compare, Former President Trump NEVER pandered to the black community. Instead, he enabled black entrepreneurs to thrive by cutting the red tape that holds them back from growing their business. He created incentives for companies to build and hire in otherwise disadvantaged areas, decreasing the black unemployment rate to a staggeringly low number. Trump never acted as a white-knight with federal money in hand to “poor black folks” begging for charity, which is exactly what the Biden administration is attempting to do.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth