Cuomo Uses Taxpayer Dollars To Cover His Crime Debts

Are all Democrat leaders just mobsters at this point? Time and again, we discover that liberals look at hard-working taxpayers like big piggy banks. Even when we protest and demand change, they shake us down like poor shop owners bullied by gangsters.

The worse a Democrat is, the bolder they are in how they cheat us. That certainly seems to be the case with New York governor, Andrew Cuomo. The man has been slammed with so many scandals, it’s getting hard to keep track of them. Yet the pathetic Democrats within New York refuse to show a shred of integrity to oust this con man.

Cuomo was exposed for numerous counts of sexual harassment and intimidation. On top of that, reports kept coming out revealing how he was responsible for thousands of unnecessary nursing home deaths in the state. His negligence was so terrible, that it sparked a federal investigation. Honestly, the man should be on trial over how he treated his own citizens.

But now, he’s adding insult to injury, by forcing New Yorkers to cover the bill for his sins.

A law firm representing New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his administration as part of a federal investigation into the state’s handling of nursing homes during the COVID-19 pandemic will be paid through public funds…

“The way it works is the Executive Chamber has retained the counsel, and that is a state expense,” he said during a press conference at the Javits Center. “It has been in every investigation.”…

The federal investigation into the nursing homes stems from a decision the administration made in the early stages of the pandemic, when it told nursing homes to admit COVID-19-positive individuals as residents. [Source: Just the News]

So, let me get this straight. Gov. Cuomo jeopardized the lives of thousands of elderly New Yorkers by forcing COVID patients into their nursing homes. Reports indicate over 5,000 people died as a direct result of this decision. It was so alarming, the Biden DOJ got involved, sparking a federal investigation. That means, Cuomo could face charges, if the evidence leads to that.

But Cuomo, after endangering New Yorkers, is forcing those same people to pay for his legal defense?

Man, it must be nice to be a corrupt Democrat with no morals.

This man brutalized the state with strict, unending lockdown orders. New York was crippled because of Cuomo’s inability to properly handle the pandemic. On top of that, he ordered nursing homes to accept sick patients, all but ensuring the vulnerable populations would contract the disease and die (by then, we all knew the elderly were the most at risk). Now, he is putting the burden on all his terrible decisions onto the very people he’s mistreated.

This is a man who was praised by the media for his “leadership” during the pandemic. He even wrote a book about how amazing he was. Yet New York had some of the worst COVID stats in the country. Comparable states, like Florida, did much better with fewer restrictions (of course, the media ignored them).

Now, Cuomo doesn’t even have to pay for his crimes? Something’s not right about that.

It’s high time the lawmakers of New York State got off their butts and impeached this crook.

Author: Peter Anderson