Is Biden Ready To Drop Dr. Fauci For Good?

Dr. Fauci’s fall from grace has been swift and severe. The Freedom of Information Act has allowed the American public to see the embattled immunologist for what he really is – a fraud. The highest paid member of the federal government has been exposed for his criminal lack of transparency regarding the coronavirus pandemic he singly-handedly could have prevented if it weren’t for his negligence.

Since the release of the now-viral emails between Fauci, his NIH colleagues, and top Chinese scientists, the Biden White House is now considering an ouster for the once-beloved doctor.

Conservative media maven Jack Posobiec broke the story of the Biden administration’s discussion of an “exit strategy” for America’s top immunologist, who Democrats have routinely referred to as a brutal “truth-teller.”

The American people have lost all confidence in Fauci, who’s approval rating dropped over 42% since last year after a series of flip-flopping and contradicting statements. The email leak hasn’t helped either. It’s just a matter of time before Fauci’s dictates, his guidance, and his role as Biden’s chief medical adviser comes to a climatic end.

His lies have been immense. For example, after denying the United States used taxpayer money to fund medical research in China, leaked emails show Fauci did exactly that. He funneled a $600,000 through a New York-based corporation, EcoHealth Alliance, which has close ties to Fauci’s NIH.

Emails also show an extreme anti-religious bias on Fauci’s part. In emails from March 2020, Fauci gave the go-ahead for political and campaign rallies to take place amidst a pandemic, but strongly recommended canceling all religious “services.”

Fauci has arguably been the biggest proponent of widespread mask use, even for vaccinated individuals. However, in a series of emails he admits masks are “not really effective.” A mere months before, Fauci went a publicity tour stating the data for individual mask use is “very, very clear.”

Fauci also demonstrated a very cozy relationship with George Gao, Director of China’s Center for Disease Control. Despite intelligence received by the Trump administration that China’s biological weapons department was present in Wuhan during the onset of the pandemic, Fauci reassured Chinese officials that he would downplay the lab leak theory in the press.

Moreover, Republican Sen. Rand Paul declared that Dr. Fauci is clearly guilty of perjury over his statements that United States taxpayers categorically did not fund gain-of-function research in any Chinese lab – a claim later debunked in the leaked emails.

Several Republicans lawmakers are demanding Fauci’s ouster, even introducing the legislation required to officially terminate his role as head of NIH. The legislation, introduced just last week, is called the Fauci Incompetence Requires Early Dismissal Act.

Other members of the GOP have been vocal about their intentions to remove Fauci from his post.

Indeed, Sen. Paul tweeted June 2, “Told you,” Paul said, using the hashtag #firefauci. “Can’t wait to see the media try to spin the Fauci FOIA emails,” he continued.

Author: Val Dohm